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About Us

Hello, I’m Terrell and I’m the Founder of Asphalt Studios. I’ve Been Building Websites For The Past Four Years!


As a creator at heart, I love to do all things creative. I make music, take photos, and make jewelry. I make music to express myself in other ways other than photography and other art projects. Music is my muse and it helps me create and get through bad days. I hope that one day my music can help the next generation get through their bad days. Photography started after having my first son. I wanted to capture him growing and the different milestones he was able to reach. That love for him grew a new love for photography. I started becoming obsessed with taking photos of the moon. I took my first college photography class and the love grew stronger. As for jewelry, I had a need for more money; as every college student does, and I chose to create jewelry. I also had bullet casings laying around and I wanted to fulfill my boy scout lifestyle by recycling them. That is how my bullet jewelry was created. A few years later I got together with my now fiancée and knew I would marry her one day. So, I upgraded my jewelry line to include rings. I then created our engagement rings and proposed to her on Halloween of 2020.

  • Frontend Development 90% 90%
  • Backend Development 70% 70%
  • UI/UX Design 60% 60%
  • Branding 85% 85%
  • SEO 75% 75%
  • Social Media 85% 85%

Our Vision

The vision of Asphalt Studios is to help businesses get a foot in the online market. Whether or not, that means starting new or refreshing what is already there. We want to improve everyone’s chances at be discovered on the internet. To do this we offer brand developing, website designing, logos, photogarphy, videogarphy, and editing of both photos and videos. Not only are we attacking the internet space with websites, we are also in the music sector as a full muisc publishing company. We create beats and write songs. In music we want to help every talent get there music out with out having to be a signed artist. We will sign artist if they want that service but our main vision is to just help and teach how to get your music out there.

We believe design is a process.

We design, prototype, and build.

We take things step by step paying close attention to details.

We make things that I hope others will enjoy.


We are here to help you define yourself and your brand.


We design websites, Buisness cards, Fliers, and other promotional goodies.


We use up to date styles to keep your site looking fresh and morden.


We are here to build your brand the way you want it.

Years of Experience

Independent Projects

Team Projects


  • Asphalt Studios.
  • TLN Creative Corner.
  • G’s Unique Stylez.
  • Internship With Custom Design Partners.


  • B.A.S in Digital Media at Floride State College at Jacksonville. 
  • A.S. in Digital Media/Multimedia Technology at FSCJ.
  • T.C. in Digital Media/Multimedia Production at FSCJ.
  • T.C. in Graphic Design Production at FSCJ.
  • A.A at FSCJ/

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