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Liquid Sunshine

Liquid Sunshine was created in the summer of 2013. I was at a summer day camp teaching dance to scouts. One scout came up to me and as me to make him a beat to rap on during a campfire celebration. So I made the beat to this song. He then asked me to rap with him. I told him I was not a rapper but I would try to write something. That is how the lyrics were made. Later that year I went to a family members house where he( a professional producer) had a studio in his house. I recorded this song with my older and younger brothers. I do all of the singing and the first

Project Info

Best Friend

Best Friend was created in the summer of 2012. I was at a summer camp taking boy scout merit badges. At the time, I had a girl that I was talking to and she wanted me to make a song for her. I had a ukulele with me and was learning to play it. I asked her a couple questions on her favorite things and that is how the song was written. A year after releasing Liquid Sunshine, I released Best Friend.

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